Initially we started HOLTYME as just an custom gift shop and apparel company. We had been in the printing industry for over 13 years throughout other business ventures. We came to full circle whe we realized that we were needed here where we started. As we developed relationships with our customers, many of them being small businesses that started like us, we discovered that our passions were driven by the fulfillment that came from finding the unique solutions that our took our customers brands to the next level. 

We believed we were just making t-shirts and mugs and then we realized that we take pride in becoming personally invested in our clients success. We’d often find ourselves not just designing graphics but also using our connections along with our marketing and sales experience to ultimately help out customer create a campaign for growth.

For us it’s all about those small connections we create with people and the bond that starts to form when they see us going the extra mile for them. After all, we have had many mentors who took the time out to inspire us and to show us the areas in which we could improve and maximize our time and sales. They helped us cultivate vision and clarify our mission so that we could operate with a purpose. HOLTYME, we are not just a custom apparel company. We are a Custom Solutions Company.


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